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Solution for Construction Engineering
Electricity installations
  • Indoor electricity installations for civil and industrial buildings
  • Low and medium voltage electricity installations: main and second distributor installations, internal and external lighting systems, electric control and instrument panels, grounding and arrestor installations, installations of correcting systems of the power factor
  • Indoor installations, branching, arrestors, ground coupling, electrical panels
  • Aerial branching and underground wiring, single phased and three phased at 0,4kV nominal voltage
  • Executing, verification, measuring of ground coupling and arrestors for civil and industrial buildings
  • Aerial and/or ground electric lines with 0,4 kv-:-20kv nominal voltage
  • Medium voltage transformer stations (points of supply and connection)
  • Aerial and/or ground electric networks for public lighting
  • Electric energy supply networks for residential areas
  • Electrical installations for secondary circuits

Thermo installations

  • Installations for thermal power stations
  • Installation works at thermal power stations
  • Installations for central heating systems
  • Installations for floor heating systems
  • Installations for ventilation and climate maintenance
    We mount
    • Gas consuming mural thermal power stations
    • Thermal power stations with electric consumables
    • Condensation stations
    • Boilers functioning with solid wood with gasification
    • Boilers functioning with solid and liquid consumables
    • Heating installations with van - convectors
    • Heating installations through radiant panels
    • Boilers
    • Radiators

Sanitary installations

  • Internal and external drainage installations
  • Drainage branching
  • Installations for drainage branching
  • Water pump systems:
    • simple water pumps
    • water pumps with ejector
    • submersible pumps
    • pumping stations
    • stations of sewage farms
    • grease separators
    • for all kinds of other sanitary installations

Installations for market halls

  • drainage and rain water – drinking water supply systems
  • grease separators
  • water pump systems
  • Fire installations
    • internal and external fire hydrants
    • sprinklers
  • sewerage
  • pumping systems